New system installed

Had a happy accident a while back. but how can an accident be happy? well it led me to a high paying client and job for my new start AC service. See I was out messing around at home working on some projects when I busted myself in the mouth.

The pain was unbelievable. I knew i must have knocked out a tooth or something. I happen upon this dentist, a Dr. Bindu. She was fantastic! I went in and found out I had actually cracked a few teeth. The bad part was that one of them needed to be extracted. Dr. Bindu showed me this video of a tooth extraction. helped me understand what she was going to do. She did such a great job that I will be going back for any dental extraction that I need.

While we were waiting on the xrays to come back we got to talking. she said she needed some AC work and i told her I did AC work. I gave her my business info and a few days later we met to discuss what she needed done.

It took some time to get around to doing the work, it always does for AC work. But we got her taken care of. She is a great dentist and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone. I know that I will definitely be taking my family back. While I was waiting in the waiting room I saw a family with small children and I asked how Dr. Bindu did with them. I was told that she is fantastic with children. This really makes me feel good as my children have had a lot of difficulties with all of their previous dentists. I am so glad to finally have found one that they will like.