Alex Becker


Alex Becker is a tech entrepreneur responsible for succcessful online SaaS softwares that generate millions a year. He got his start with his first brand “Source Wave” which he transformed from a small one man business into one of the largest developers of SEO software in the nation.

He has now set his sights on revamping the way businesses do email with his latest platform Market Hero. Becker also specializes in driving traffic and managing the advertising/marketing for SaaS platforms to strategically grow revenue year after year.


Becker is the author of the best selling book the “10 Pillars of Wealth” and in his free time strives to help people find their “entrepreneurial” spirit. His focus is helping other people create true excessive financial freedom in their lives with no BS strategies and mindsets.

I purchased a product from Alex Becker who professes to be an SEO and internet expert.  His specialty is Search Engine Optimizatiton and marketing SEO type products to other internet marketing people.  I have followed his post and purchased a couple of small reasonably inexpensive products from him for a while.

I flet that Alex was a honest hard working, although arrogant, young man who would do whatever he could to help his clients.  Because I had bought other products from this guy and felt that the information was pretty good, when he came out with a major product about an starting an SEO services business and he had a tried and true proven system to get someone up and going, I bought the product for $297.00.

Now, $297.00 for a product doesn’t sound like a lot of money, but in internet marketing it’s a pretty large purchase.  The product came with a 30 day unlimited no questions ask guarantee

. I worked on the product setting up the systems and website and everything involved following his system exactly.

It involved contacting marketing consultants and offering your services to these consultants for backlinking and other internet services for a fee as an outsourcer.  I contacted over 100 consultants and received absolutely no interest in the service.  It was stated that they never outsource any services and never did.

Some of the consultants stated that they have had several calls lately following the exact script that I was using and there was no interest.  One particular consultant said he knows of no marketing consultants that outsource the work because they have to control what is being done to their clients sites.  Of course Becker has stressed how many consultants were looking for the services because they just didn’t have the time etc etc etc.

Ok, I don’t have a real problem with the system being overhyped and not really working.  Many people oversell and overhype products in this business.  I ask for a refund in accordance with the guarantee.  Alex directed me to his support people and that they handle the refunds.  I contacted the support person Matt and he waited 3 days to call me back and said he wanted me to reconsider the refund.  I indicated that no, I was done with the system that didn’t work for me and to please refund.  He indicated that he had submitted the request to Becker (who earlier indicated that he doesn’t do the refunds?) and that I would receive my refund the following Tuesday.  Just so happen that Tuesday was the end of the refund period.

I didn’t receive the refund, I sent both Alex Becker as well as Matt a polite request for where is the refund?  I didn’t hear a word back.  I continued to email for the refund and each email was met with further silence.  Now I have posted a video on the web about Alex Becker Scammer as well as other keywords which is showing up.

I have requested a refund through paypal but don’t really expect anything from them as they never stand behind their customers.

Now Alex Becker Scammer has blocked my access to the product that I paid for and he refuses to refund.  What a jerk.  I will pursue this until something is done.  I will file suit in small claims court if necessary to collect my money back.  Something needs to be done about this kind of stuff.